The Bag Man: Sleepers, Erections, Playoff Expansion? David asks: I think Houston is going to make a run at an unbeaten season. I know Tom Herman has moved on to Texas, but he leaves behind a ton of Power-Five/NFL-caliber talent on this Cougars' roster. Kyle Allen was the former #1 QB recruit in the country, who threw for 3,500 yards [...]

The Top 10 Heisman Moments since 1997

The Heisman Trophy is supposed to honor the greatest player in college football every year, but over the years that definition has slowly dissolved. Some year – many years, actually – it’s the Best Player on the Best Team Award. In other years, it’s about who had the most signature moment…the Heisman Moment. That was [...]

How I nearly hacked Adam Schefter

Alright guys, I know this site is called "College Football Country", and I know I'm supposed to #StickToCollegeFootball, and I know that's not a real hashtag, and I know that joke wasn't funny, but this website is also "by Josh Parcell", which means from time to time I'm going to tell some stories about my [...]

This is not Miami’s year

Earlier this week Sports Illustrated released “anonymous, unfiltered’ analysis of each team in its preseason top 25 poll, from opposing coaches. If you keep scrolling down, eventually you’ll land on number 20 anddddddd oh God not this again. Wash, rinse repeat. It seems like nearly every year for more than a decade Miami is “almost [...]