Baker Mayfield was in the wrong

  Football is supposed to be fun. Some of the things that have always made college football so much better than the NFL are the passion of the fans, the energy of the players and the emotion of the coaches. College football has personality. The NFL is a homogenized product that has become so carefully packaged it's [...]

Take The Points: College Football Gambling Preview for Week 2

Hey friends, who’s ready to have a little fun? Maybe make a little money? All of you? Great! It’s Take the Points, my weekly life advice column. My life advice is to bet on college football. With that in mind, it’s time for my picks for Week 2. If you followed me on Twitter, you [...]

Three-Minute Big 12 Preview

Standings   Conference                  Overall Oklahoma State          7-2                               10-2 Oklahoma                   7-2                               9-3 Texas                           7-2                               10-2 TCU                             6-3                               9-3 West Virginia              6-3                               9-3 Kansas State               5-4                               8-4 Baylor                          3-6                               5-7 Kansas                         1-8                               4-8 Iowa State                  1-8                               3-9 Texas Tech                  1-8                               2-10  3 Bold Predictions: No Playoff Party I think the Big 12 is the deepest league in [...]