Week 7 Gambling Picks: Who Let The Underdogs Out?

After six long weeks, we finally have a loaded week of college football. Three critical ranked games are sprinkled throughout the day. The Playoff race is just now starting to take shape, and Saturday brings a handful of “elimination” games if you will, that will clear things up even further. As for the boat? Well, [...]

College Football Week 6 Betting Preview: #BuyTheBoat Bachelor Party

(Image courtesy: Big M Casino) I come to you with bad news. The boat is gone. We bought it two weeks ago and tried to buy another. Instead, we sank it with an awful week. The picks went 4-6 last week, but I know I can do better. I will do better. The picks are [...]

Harbaugh Haters Can’t Have It Both Ways

(Image Courtesy: Patrick Semansky / AP) Whenever the name "Harbaugh" comes up in a debate amongst college football writers, broadcasters, tweeters, etc., his record in rivalry games isn't far behind. His 1-5 record against Michigan State and Ohio State in three years is Exhibit A why he's failing to live up to expectations in Ann [...]