Take the Points: Week 1 Betting Guide

You guys, we made it. It’s game day, and despite the fact that I jumped the gun with a pint-sized wager on the Georgia State-Abilene Christian contest Wednesday night (I lost), it’s time to start handing out some completely amateur but undeniably successful betting advice.Last season I won more than 60% of my picks against [...]

The Picks: Championship Week

It’s here! The regular season is almost in the books and conference championship weekend is about to be the LeGarrette Blount to our Byron Hout. If the last few weeks are any indication, tomorrow is going to be a wild day that will give us at least a game or two that won’t go the [...]

The Picks: Week 13

After two straight weeks of hitting on so many picks it was almost unfair, last week we came crashing back down to earth. I split last week’s picks right down the middle, going 7-7 against the spread. I was almost too embarrassed to make my picks this week after having the whole “South Carolina is [...]