College Football Betting Preview Week 5: #BuyTheBoat is Back Baby!

Oh hey guys, didn't see you there. You're a little hard to spot from up  here in the captain's chamber of this fancy new boat of mine. The haters said it wouldn't happen, but last week's picks went 6-1. The #BuyTheBoat lock of Michigan -18.5 against Nebraska covered by 25.5 points. We didn't even sweat [...]

Take The Points: Week 1 College Football Betting Preview

(Image courtesy: Detroit Free-Press) We are so, so, so back baby. We’ve waited nine long months for a full weekend of college football, and now we’re so close I can taste it. Give me all of the Middle Tennessee-Vandy, and the SMU-North Texas, and the ODU-Liberty. I don’t care who’s on my screen as long [...]