Is Ed Orgeron the next Dabo Swinney?

(Photo courtesy: Getty Images) When LSU named Ed Orgeron as its permanent head coach in 2016, there were plenty of reasons to be skeptical. Why would a program that just fired a coach who was 1-1 in national championship games hand the reins over to a guy who won three SEC games in three years [...]


Dabo Swinney Isn’t Going to Texas A&M. Stop it.

I love coaching rumors as much as anyone. I follow the flight trackers, read the message boards, all of it. It’s almost as fun as the actual sport of college football to me. But man is this latest rumor just full of hot air. Matt Mosley, who contributes to SportsDayDFW, speculated Tuesday that if Kevin [...]

Clemson is the next Alabama

I wasn’t always a Dabo Swinney fan. For his first few years as Clemson’s head coach, I called him the world’s highest paid cheerleader. He was high on energy and short on success. Dabo wore his heart right on his bright orange sleeves, but through two and a half years, he was 19-15. He had [...]