Trash Cans, Pimp Canes and Chains – The Rise of Turnover Trophies

Well, folks, it looks like we’ve found the latest trend in college football. I’m not talking about Taylor Swift rapping us all the way to commercial breaks. I’m talking about turnover trophies. I first saw this last winter at the Under Armour High School All-American Game. Throughout the week of practice, any time the defense [...]


Dabo Swinney Isn’t Going to Texas A&M. Stop it.

I love coaching rumors as much as anyone. I follow the flight trackers, read the message boards, all of it. It’s almost as fun as the actual sport of college football to me. But man is this latest rumor just full of hot air. Matt Mosley, who contributes to SportsDayDFW, speculated Tuesday that if Kevin [...]